The Iowa Local Technical Assistance Program (Iowa LTAP) is dedicated to providing technical and management assistance to Iowa's local governments through a variety of programs and resources.


Public Employees Leadership Institute

The Public Employees Leadership Institute is designed to create better leaders and supervisors for public agencies. On-demand training modules are available through the Iowa State University Extension program.

Technology News

Iowa LTAP's quarterly newsletter Technology News is an important venue for exchanging transportation-related information with local agencies. Subscriptions are free. To subscribe, complete this online form.

Stan Ring Memorial Library

The Stan Ring Memorial Library carries over 2,000 transportation training materials in a variety of formats that users may order online.

Safety Circuit Rider

Iowa's Safety Circuit Rider program presents transportation safety-related workshops and offers suggestions for improving roadway safety.

Local Roads Safety Liaison

The Local Roads Safety Liaison provides consultation and training on crash-data tools and demonstrates state-of-the-art techniques for making data-based safety improvements.

Statewide Multi-Disciplinary Safety Team Program

Iowa's MDST Program facilitates the development and operations of local multi-discipline safety teams to help identify and resolve local crash causes and enhance local crash response practices. Its mission is to improve traffic safety in Iowa through local coordinated multidisciplinary efforts built on trusted relationships.

Other Opportunities
Innovation Webinars

Various dates, FHWA Center for Local Aid Support

These webinars are offered to help local agencies, tribes, and federal land management agencies implement innovative technologies and practices.