Course Course Description Registration
Supervisory Techniques and Skills Covers basic supervisory and management techniques that help new supervisors plan, direct, and motivate efficiently Register For Course
Basic Management Skills Covers the responsibilities of a manager, such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, and reporting on the activities of a public works department. Register For Course
Team Development Teaches skills for developing a highly motivated team, such as treating employees with respect, understanding their needs, and involving them in vital decision processes. Register For Course
Effective Communication Skills Provides a comprehensive review of effective communications strategies for public relations, presentations, and meetings. Register For Course
Leadership Skills Describes creating a vision for the future and effectively communicating that vision to people within and outside of the organization. Register For Course
Community Service/Customer Orientation Skills Examines the importance and practice of quality community and customer service. Register For Course
Legal Understanding Discusses the importance of a working understanding of issues related to local, state, and federal regulations in order to avoid legal liabilities and promote successful operations. Register For Course
Fundamentals of Government Examines the organization, operation, and interaction of branches of government at the federal, state, and local levels. Register For Course
Finance Discusses budget processes, including striking a balance between short- and long-term costs, scheduling constraints, and quality control. Register For Course
Resource Management Focuses on key considerations regarding strategic planning, creative decision making, budgeting and contracting, basic project management, consultant management, and effective crew scheduling. Register For Course
Public Works Operations and Maintenance Examines the operational and maintenance tasks of local transportation departments and related interactions with the public and other departments. Register For Course
Emergency Management Examines the tasks involved with responding to natural disasters or other emergencies and discusses area-wide planning, training exercises, and available assistance. Register For Course
Project Management Discusses critical aspects of project management, including dividing a project into segments and tasks, planning, approvals, budgeting, and executing a contract. Register For Course
Winter Maintenance Management Discusses policies and planning, use of forecasts and weather conditions to choose proper chemicals and abrasives, new and proven snow-fighting techniques, examples of best practices, and future technology. Register For Course
Sustainability in Public Works Discusses topics related to planning appropriately for the future of a public works agency. Register For Course