Transportation Libraries

Iowa LTAP provides individuals and local agencies with access to cutting edge research and best practices in some of the most comprehensive transportation libraries available.


Paul Albritton
Institute for Transportation
2711 S. Loop Drive, Suite 4700
Ames, IA 50010

Stan Ring Memorial Library

The Stan Ring Memorial Library's mission is to share information about the latest transportation-related technology with local transportation professionals. InTrans boasts one of the country's most well stocked and technical LTAP libraries, with over 1,500 publications, 620 videotapes, 396 DVDs, 102 CD-ROMs, and 16 sets of slide presentations.

LTAP library materials are produced by the FHWA, associations like the American Traffic and Safety Association, the Concrete Paving Association, the Asphalt Paving Association, and the National Association of County Engineers, and commercial video producers.

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Online Video Library

The Iowa LTAP Online Video Library is a collection of online videos which Iowa's local government transportation departments will find useful or interesting.

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