Workshops and Programs

Iowa LTAP Workshops

LTAP workshops bring the latest in transportation technology to Iowa's public works and county employees, helping participants improve both their knowledge and skills.

Iowa Roads Scholar Program

The Roads Scholar program formally recognizes Iowa's transportation workers and their commitment to continuing education.

Local Roads Safety Liaison

The LTAP Local Roads Safety Liaison program provides consultations and training on crash-data tools, and demonstrates state-of-the-art techniques for agencies to make data-based safety improvements.

Safety Circuit Rider Program

Iowa's award-winning Safety Circuit Rider program presents transportation safety-related workshops to local governments and other groups and offers suggestions for improving roadway safety.

MDST Toolbox

Iowa's MDST Program facilitates the development and operations of local multi-discipline safety teams to help identify and resolve local crash causes and enhance crash response practices.

Events Calendar

See all past and upcoming workshops and events for Iowa LTAP, as well as other training opportunities relevant to local transportation agencies.

Public Employees Leadership Institute

The Public Employees Leadership Institute is a series of online professional courses that can help employees enhance their leadership skills and knowledge.